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Party Extras
It's the little things that make lasting impressions
Goodnight Kits

Give your guests something fun to take home with our Goodnight Kits. Packaged in a cute pillow box, each Goodnight Kit includes fun treats, fit for your party theme and guests' ages. Some examples include coloring pages, crayons, stickers, and mini toy cars for the littles, and sleep masks, scrunchies and lipgloss for tweens and teens. We'll work with you to build your perfect Goodnight Kit.


Goodnight Kits: Starting at $10/guest

Personalized Favors

Who doesn't love a personalized gift? We can customize and personalize most anything, including unique, themed favors, and monogrammed gifts! 

Sleep Masks, Headbands, Scrunchies, Cups, Water Bottles, Tumblers, Superhero Capes, Face Masks, Zipper Pouches, Ornaments, Blankets, Baskets, Keepsakes ... you name it, we'll make it happen!

Click the photo gallery to see our sampling of customized favors and gifts ideas.


Personalized Favors: Pricing depends on items and customization design. Let's Talk!

Karaoke Machine

Let your guests be Rock Stars!


The GF845 Karaoke System features:​

  • 2 Microphones

  • Remote Control

  • 2 MP3G Demo Discs with 300 songs

  • Bluetooth, SD Cards, AUX and USB Inputs

  • Synchronized LED Lights Flash With The Music

  • Smartphone Cradle Slot

  • Party Lights Disco Ball

Karaoke Machine: $40

Glow It Up!

Bring your party to night-life with our Glow It Up!* experience, which includes extra tent accents and decor that are reactive to blacklight, as well as fun accessories, like traditional glow sticks, light-up bracelets, and blacklight-reactive neon necklaces.


Glow It Up!*: $50 

Glow It Up More!

Want to Glow It Up More!*? We also have glow drinking cups, light-up scrunchies, neon Nee Doh stress balls, light-up hair accessories, and more. Pricing determined by items selected.

Glow It Up More!*: Request Pricing

*Note: Our Neon/Glow Party Theme already includes the Glow It Up! experience; however, the Glow It Up More! items may be purchased as an add-on.  

LED Bobo Balloons

LED Bobo Balloons are next level balloons! 


You haven't had a balloon until you've had a Bobo Light-up Balloon! Made from durable and recyclable TPU material, the Bobo Balloon lasts and lasts and lasts. You can even re-inflate if needed. Each 20-inch balloon is held up by a tubes that incase the LED lights which also wrap around the circumference of the balloon. 

Bobo Balloons: $20 per guest.

Art Cart

Let your guests express themselves! 


Our rolling Art Cart has everything your party goers need to let their inner artist shine, including craft paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints and paint brushes. We also include a few fun, instructional drawing books to help bring out everyone's creativity.   

Art Cart: $50

Game Cart

Wanna play a game?


Challenge your guests to a friendly game-night competition with some classic and modern favorites, like Ultimate Twister (2x the size of the original mat), Uno/Uno Flip/Dos, Clue, Life, Monopoly, Backgammon, Tic-Tac-Toe, What Do You Meme Family Edition, etc. Choose up to six games from our gaming library.   

Game Cart: $40

Starlight Projector

Our portable, rotating starry night projector brings a magical element to any indoor slumber party! With 17 projection color modes and a timer to turn off on its own, it's a sleepover favorite! 


Starlight Projector: $15

Bubble Machine

Bubbles! Bubbles! Everywhere!


Fun and convenient for both indoor and outdoor, our Bubble Machine produces instant giggles and laughter for your part guests. The machine outputs thousands of bubbles per minute, adding a whimsically happy touch to any party's ambiance! 

Bubble Machine (liquid bubbles included): $20

Candy Bar

What's a sleepover without sugary treats? No one is sleeping much anyways!


Add a Candy Bar to your Movie Night, or use it as an added treat to your party. 


Candy Bar: $50

Balloon Garlands

We're excited to partner with Balloons By Delaney, a locally-owned small business founded by a brilliant teenage-entrepreneur, Delaney Vanderpool!


Check out Balloons By Delaney's stunning balloon creations, and contact Delaney for a quote on adding a unique balloon garland to your Firefly DFW sleepover! 

Concierge Service

Do you have something in mind that isn't listed on our website?  Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen!  


For a service fee, we can arrange specialty vendors, catering, entertainment, equipment rentals and more.  We want your event to be hassle free, so let us deliever while you relax and enjoy!

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